The Power Platform: A Developers Perspective

The Power Platform: A Developer's Perspective

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Incite Automation

Low code platforms are expected to overtake conventional development in the coming years. But… like really?

We recently spoke on Microsoft’s Channel 9 about this at a high level – Let’s keep the conversation going and get into the details!

During our next free webinar, we’ll discuss challenges and successes witnessed in making the jump from conventional development to low code specialists.

We’ll also show off our favorite tips and tricks that prove the Power Platform is worth all the fuss.

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We won’t hold back – The good, the bad, and the ugly!

About The Speaker: Dustin Sitton

Reserved. Professionally Dispassionate. Staid. These are words that people never use when describing Dustin.

Before founding Incite Automation, Dustin was a traditional software developer, and a Chief Technology Officer for other consulting firms. He loves the minutiae of hands-on development as much as he loves surveying the broader technology landscape. Emboldened by this micro/macro perspective, he excels at identifying paradigm shifts in technology ecosystems.

As a career consultant, Dustin has envisioned and executed forward-thinking software solutions for hundreds of businesses. Always one to challenge the status quo, Dustin believes in bringing transparency, learning and discovery, excitement and entertainment to every engagement.