Technical Insight + Strategy

Technical Insight + Strategy

Your roadmap to scalability

Incite Clarity

You know where the pain lies — but the path to resolving it isn’t always clear. That’s where we can help.

Make the move toward competitive advantage

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For a flat fee of $7500, we will create a customized Incite Strategic Assessment (ISA), just for you.

The ISA is a roadmap to your competitive advantage.

An ISA can provide clarity on what software is right for your organization, resolve performance (people and technical) bottlenecks, and provide a clear path to scalability, automation, and deeper analytical insight.

It onboards the current “AS-IS” culture, people, business processes, and technical footprint – and then details your “TO-BE” roadmap for the future.

Every ISA is written with the assumption that the recommendations outlined in the roadmap will be performed by Incite Automation, and our partners. That’s important.

Why? Because it puts our reputation on the line to execute. It motivates us to ensure everything is de-risked end to end.  That’s the Incite Automation differentiator.

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