Office 365

Office 365 Incites Integration

Glue disparate systems together. Create custom apps without coding. Do SharePoint right.

Power Automate/Logic Apps

Are you still copying and pasting information between applications by hand? Saving read receipts? Importing spreadsheets? Stop.

The best example of Office 365’s transcendence into a development platform is Power Automate, also known as Logic Apps in Azure… and it used to be called Flow… three names? Way to go Microsoft marketing department… perhaps a certain insurance company complained?

Anyways! Power Automate/Logic Apps can glue disparate systems together in any way you see fit.

Let's Talk About Power Automate

Need a document approved, converted to PDF, and moved from OneDrive to your company Intranet?

Power Automate can handle that.

Need an Excel document’s rows entered into your SQL database whenever a customer FTPs it to you?

Power Automate can handle that.

Need alerts sent out, a new record created in your Finance, HR, and service systems, and some document folders created whenever a new client is entered in your system?

Power Automate can handle that.

Need your kids to stop saying they are full when it’s time to eat broccoli, but then they immediately go and ask for Oreos?

Power Automate can’t help you with that.

Power Apps

Power Apps is a replacement for Microsoft Access. Power Apps is what Microsoft Access always wished it was.

Let's Talk About Power Apps

Capable of running on the web, on your phone, and anything in between, Power Apps is a serious (and seriously evolving!) contender in the rapid application development space.

Its value doesn’t just lie in quick applications, though. Savvy Power Apps users know how to mix and match data from multiple applications within a single Power App. Some users that are savvier still know how to tango around licensing restrictions unscathed using Power Apps.

Want to give your 500 field workers a small window into your SharePoint library?

Want a cost-effective messaging system that will tell you if your staff read and acknowledged your all-staff message?

Get signatures? Take pictures? Review reports? Work offline?

Now you can.


Teams. Project. Planner. Smartsheet. Jira. + Many More

Let's Talk About Collaboration

Sure, Microsoft is good at naming project management tools, but which one should you leverage within your organization? Are Asana, Smartsheet, Wrike, or Jira better options?

It depends. Granted, engineers (like us) LOVE saying “it depends”, but only because it really does depend on how you work and what you hope to achieve.

Office 365 is more than email, more than document storage. It is transforming into the central hub where business gets done. It is transforming into a development platform.