Licensing Advisory


Licensing Advisory

You could dramatically reduce your costs with the right tweaks. It may be as simple as right-sizing your licensing.

Incite Understanding

For 2020, Gartner lists Dynamics 365 and Salesforce as the only two leaders in sales force automation (CRM).

One of their biggest gripes? Understanding Microsoft’s obtuse, perplexing licensing.

Let's Talk About Licensing

Dynamics 365’s licensing is based on... the honor-system.

That’s not a typo. Honor-system licensing means users could be using features that they shouldn’t. Features that will get you fined in a Microsoft audit.

Then there’s the other angle: Perhaps some of your users could leverage the $8 per month level with just a few tweaks to the CRM, instead of the $115 per month version?

Maybe a subset of users could simply access the CRM through Power Apps, or a custom application? That would save a lot of money, while providing a better, streamlined user experience to boot. SharePoint could possibly help out too.

Licensing influences how we architect solutions. We are seasoned experts at solutions, which means we are also seasoned experts at licensing.

Let's Talk About Licensing