Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

You don’t need a data warehouse. Heresy? Read on.

Tableau + Power BI

Imagine never again staring at a thousand rows of data. Never having to project the future based on a bunch of business rules… that you calculate in your head.

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Imagine being able to literally ask a question in natural language and getting an answer in real time. Waiting on IT for reports can be a thing of the past. Freeing up their time, and getting you answers faster.

Imagine a solution that can tell you why customer service calls are up 19% month over month… because you asked it to tell you why customer service calls are up 19% month over month.

Imagine glancing at your phone and knowing who’s got the ball… knowing the real time status… of anything.

Imagine it’s all interactive.

Imagine it’s all attractive to look at!

Imagine exposing some of this insight to your customers. Neat!

If any or all of these sound like a competitive advantage, then you are an Incite Automation customer.

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You need a data warehouse – except you don’t.

Getting your organization’s data together in one place is hard enough. Making sense of it is even more challenging.

It used to require a data warehouse — but those days are over. These expensive, complicated data pumps do a great job of reconciling data. They bring everything together in one place … but there’s an ugly downside:

Making a change to the systems that feed the data warehouse … breaks everything.

It’s one of the driving factors that make enterprise data brittle, and make your organization slow to change.

Power BI and Tableau remove the data warehouse roadblocks. They can act as their own data warehouse — offering all of the benefits — for a fraction of the initial and ongoing costs.

If you already went to the trouble a data warehouse, good for you. They work great with that.


Purpose-built for BI

Power BI and Tableau aren’t related to the old guard of reporting tools. The old reporting leaders added BI as “a new feature” to their existing offerings. But it hasn’t been competitive — because BI isn’t just some new feature. It’s a complete rethink of how to approach and consume data.

This isn’t to say that traditional reporting is obsolete. It has its place alongside BI.

Navigating how to best leverage your reporting solution investment, while gaining a competitive advantage with BI is our favorite sport.

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