Our Leadership (dup)

Our Leadership

Dustin Sitton

Reserved. Professionally Dispassionate. Staid. These are words that people never use when describing Dustin.

Before founding Incite Automation, Dustin was a traditional software developer, and a Chief Technology Officer for other consulting firms. He loves the minutiae of hands-on development as much as he loves surveying the broader technology landscape. Emboldened by this micro/macro perspective, he excels at identifying paradigm shifts in technology ecosystems.

As a career consultant, Dustin has envisioned and executed forward-thinking software solutions for hundreds of businesses. Always one to challenge the status quo, Dustin believes in bringing transparency, learning and discovery, excitement and entertainment to every engagement.

Dustin holds a degree in Information Systems from American University, and has a bunch of impressive sounding certifications. He is married with two children, both of whom want to watch more YouTube right now.

Krista Darrell

A marketer turned consultant with a flair for process and operations – Krista runs the day to day operations of Incite Automation, and is a gifted technology consultant in her own right. When not working within accounting, marketing, or ERP solutions – she’s busy shaping the hearts and minds of the next generation of Incite Automation consultants.

Krista has a degree in Marketing from Hofstra, and is an active Yogi with her dog named Mr. Fox.

I’m not suggesting she’s doing yoga WITH the dog, I’m saying that she has a dog AND she does Yoga. Those two things are separate.

Or maybe they aren’t? I don’t know, I don’t do Yoga. Do you need a dog to do Yoga? Everyone that seems to do Yoga has a dog…

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