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About Our Company

Dustin was frustrated.

As one of the area’s most successful tech leaders, he’d cracked the code to faster, more impactful software development.

He witnessed businesses battling the inertia of cultures whose processes and procedures were designed for million dollar projects. Except those million dollar projects could now be built for a small fraction of that using modern development strategies. Bloat drained the fun and accomplishment out of a career that is typically full of fun and accomplishment.

Why does it take a team of 20 developers 3 months to accomplish what used to take 2 developers a few weeks?

If these new methodologies are so revolutionary, why do we feel disconnected from our end users? Why is it harder than ever to accurately predict and price the work we are doing?

Ever-changing frameworks, ever-increasing layers of abstraction, and general gridlock drained the joy and accomplishment out of a career path that is typically full of joy and accomplishment.

After all these years, shouldn’t solution development be faster and more impactful than ever?

Shouldn’t our connection to those using the software we build be stronger?

There has to be a better way … but what?

Incite Automation was founded around a specific culture and thought process:

  • The future of software development belongs to those whose soft skills are as strong as their development skills. It belongs to individuals who balance business need as strongly as they do technical direction. This is our foundation for success.
  • All Incite Automation employees have backgrounds in custom software development, but never lead with that skill for the initial solution. Incite Automation employees believe that leveraging existing technologies is a better way to success. Custom… is a last resort.
  • Consistent education and communication, both internally and with our partners – are the keys to success. Besides, building buy in and excitement for the solutions we build is more fun than keeping it all to ourselves anyways! 🙂