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Karen was frustrated.

As one of the area’s most successful tech leaders, she had been instrumental in growing her previous company from 12 people to an enterprise of 4500 employees that sold for over 460 million dollars.

She’d also witnessed a sea change over her 20 years in software development.

Throughout the software development community things were moving at a snail’s pace, despite huge “advances” in programming methodologies.

Why does it take a team of 20 developers 3 months to accomplish what used to take 2 developers a few weeks?

If these new methodologies are so revolutionary, why do we feel disconnected from our end users? Why is it harder than ever to accurately predict and price the work we are doing?

Ever-changing frameworks, ever-increasing layers of abstraction, and general gridlock drained the joy and accomplishment out of a career path that is typically full of joy and accomplishment.

After all these years, shouldn’t solution development be faster and more impactful than ever?

Shouldn’t our connection to those using the software we build be stronger?

There has to be a better way … but what?

Dustin was frustrated.

As one of the area’s most successful tech leaders, he’d cracked the code to faster, more impactful software development.

Like Karen, he witnessed businesses battling the inertia of cultures whose processes and procedures were designed for million dollar projects. Except those million dollar projects could now be built for a small fraction of that using modern development strategies. Bloat drained the fun and accomplishment out of a career that is typically full of fun and accomplishment.

Dustin and Karen reasoned over a quick lunch. “If only we could push the reset button”.

Karen was confident they could create a cupcake and fudgery that would offer new, innovative flavor profiles.

Dustin loved the idea. However he suggested that instead of cupcakes and fudge, they could focus on building a technology consulting firm free from outmoded processes.

A place built from the ground up for the modern cloud first, Software as a Service first paradigm.

That quick lunch lasted all day.

Karen and Dustin knew it wouldn’t be easy. All they had was a lifetime of experience in successful consulting and company building, connections to top talent and area leaders, and a commercial office building downtown.

Okay fine … it was actually pretty easy.